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Automotive industry

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Are you passionate about cars, trucks, motorcycles, motors, engines....?

Come and work in the industry and turn your passion into a career.

The automotive industry is seen to be modern, progressive, and a place where women are currently under-represented. However, women have a history of playing an active role in the sector. For example, Queen Elizabeth II was a qualified mechanic, and women in WW2 were manufacturing equipment.

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Female workers in the automotive industry in 2022

(Females in the total workforce in 2022: 47.4%)


Female workers in the collision repair industry in 2022

(Females in the total workforce in 2022: 47.4%)

Statistics provided by Infometrics.

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Learn at your own pace on the job!

This is a NZ$20.4 billion industry and it offers careers in all areas. Not just mechanical servicing and repairs - there are roles in sales, marketing, HR, finance, business development and administration. The industry covers cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, farm equipment, construction and infrastructure equipment, even small engines such as chainsaws and lawnmowers.

We have some awesome opportunities available, with the ability to dive into areas of interest, explore and learn new technologies. There are also more traditional opportunities on offer, like managerial courses, first aid, Health and Safety and coaching.

How many people are likely to be in new roles in the sector between now and 2027?


Total automotive job openings

(Total New Zealand: 1,005,846)


Total collision repair job openings

(Total New Zealand: 1,005,846)

Statistics provided by Infometrics.

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